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About  Us

Our Beliefs
We believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and was sent to this world to be a perfect example for us.  His sacrifice upon the cross and his resurrection three days later was the price that He paid so that we may all have the hope of eternal life through our faith in God. Though we may stumble, we try to live our lives in such a way that we glorify God in all we do.


Our worship service is a combination of praise, prayer, and education. We sing joyful praises to our Lord with our hearts and lips, without the need for musical accompaniment.  We offer prayers throughout the service thanking God for the blessings that He has given us and asking for His continual guidance as we live our lives on this earth until we can be with Him for eternity.  We will also hear a sermon, a lesson prepared by our preacher or another person who shares the Bible for all to hear and learn.

We will also offer communion by passing trays with bread and grape juice to represent the flesh and blood that was sacrificed on the cross providing us with the hope of salvation that we now have.  This is a time of memorial to reflect back to the crucifixion event and to look to the future that God has promised.  We also will take the opportunity to pass a collection tray so that we can give back to God's service some of what He has given to us.  There is no required amount.  Each person gives what they feel is appropriate based on their heart and abilities.  We do not expect our visitors to contribute unless they so desire.  We are just glad that you are there!


Our ministers have answered the call to preach and teach the Word of God to those who want to hear the Word.  They have spent years in study and continue to study so that they may bring to light the message of God.

Our elders have been selected according to Biblical texts to lead and guide the congregation spiritually.  They are men above reproach who serve the Lord by ministering to those in need and fulfilling the spiritual needs of the church.

Our deacons are men who have been selected to meet the physical needs of the church.  They serve in various capacities from coordinating the worship service to managing the children's classes to mowing the lawn or making repairs on the building.

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